Hello and welcome! I am Mariah Johnson, the owner of this blog, and I would like to invite you to read my posts and get acquainted. First, let me tell you a few things about myself. I am very fond of animals and especially pets, but for many years, I could not afford to have one of my own, because of health issues.

I used to be a little asthmatic as a child, and that caused my parents to forbid me from taking any pets in. I know they meant well and I am thankful for their love and care from the bottom of my heart. The good news is that, for ten years now, I have not experienced one issue with my breathing, and, just two weeks ago, on my birthday, I got a guinea pig as a present!

I was so excited to welcome the little furry animal into my life! I think you can call it instant love because I knew right that moment that I would become much happier having a friend by my side. Anyway, long story short, I am currently learning about how to take care of a guinea pig properly, and this is what this blog will be all about!



Just like with anyone new in your life, you need to learn about your pet’s habits and preferences. Day by day, I am trying to bond with my pet, offering it snacks and petting it. It is not necessarily an easy thing to do since these small animals are usually very cautious and easily scared.

I will tell you in further posts about the first mistakes I committed as a new pet owner, such as buying a too small cage. Guinea pigs are not known to be extremely energetic, but still, they need to exercise. I take mine out of the cage as often as I can, but I do not want my pet to be unhappy because of lack of space.


So I went and bought a larger cage once I learned that the cage I purchased initially was too small for it. If I think about it, I believe that the first day was the toughest. Did you know that you must only gently talk to your guinea pig and avoid handling it because it can get scared? I was lucky that my friend who offered it to me as a gift knew these things and told me all about them.

It was pretty tough to try not to pet my new friend, but I knew that it was all for a good cause, so I didn’t mind waiting for the right moment. Now I think we are bonding and that we will be the best friends in the world. I hope you will come back and read my blog posts, especially if you have a guinea pig of your own, or you simply love animals.