One thing people might not be able to tell about guinea pigs when looking at them for the first time is that while they may seem slow and uninterested in running around or any other type of vigorous exercise, they need plenty of space to move around.

Guinea pigs need enough room to walk around, just like other pets. It’s good for their health, and it also makes them happy. Buy a cage or a hutch that is too small, and you will have the unpleasant surprise to realize that your guinea pig begins feeling lethargic and downright repressed.

That is why I want to focus, in this post, on the importance of getting the right hutch or cage for your little furry friend. By following the next guidelines, you will be able to ensure a proper living space for your pet, and you will be a happy owner, as well.



Cages and hutches

A hutch is a type of outdoor cage for guinea pigs that can be placed in a shed or a garage. If you have enough space, and you don’t have to worry about predators reaching for the guinea pig inside the hutch, or you don’t use your garage for your vehicle anymore (since fuel fumes can seriously affect your pet’s health), a hutch is the ideal answer.

A cage, however, can be brought inside. While it may not be as comfortable as a hutch, as the latter is usually larger than an ordinary cage, it offers you peace of mind, since you will know your pet is well taken care of in inclement weather, and safe from predators and other factors that may affect its well-being.



I cannot insist more on the importance of providing your pet with enough living space. You may hear that 2.5 square feet are more than sufficient for a guinea pig, but it is thrice this size that allows this little critter to lead a comfortable, happy life. People who think that such aspects are not important should be aware of the fact that they may end up cutting several years from your guinea pig’s lifespan with just such an easy overlook.

Be aware that pet cages sold in specialized stores are aimed at baby guinea pigs, and an adult guinea pig has different requirements. Try getting a better one by asking directly for a cage that will house an adult guinea pig successfully.



Placing the cage

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you buy a cage is that you will have to set it someplace where it can get plenty of natural light. Also, bear in mind that guinea pigs are sociable animals and they would like to be in an area that is often passed by. Take advantage and pet your little friend as often as you can.